Additional Tools and No-Contact Organizing Strategies

The purpose of this COVID-19 addendum to the Faith-Leaders Toolkit is to share the extraordinary work that diverse faith leaders and their communities around NYC are doing to increase the count—not just despite the virus, but because of it.

This guide will help show you and your faith community just how much you can do to get a complete count by adjusting your approach and adopting new technology in light of social distancing requirements.

NYC Faith Leaders Toolkit

This toolkit includes everything you need to take action in supporting your community, including sermon notes, organizing strategies, a census organizing calendar, and social media templates to get the word out to the greater congregation, and detailed support on how to organize outreach activities within your community to spread the word even further.

You can also access additional resources like translated fliers, additions religious service reflections, organizing support documents, and more in the resources section below.

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