The Census is Now Live: Respond Today!

Starting March 12th, the Census Bureau will be mailing you information about how to respond to the census. You can use your address specific code to respond online or over the phone, which is recommended but not required, or go ahead and respond by looking up your address online or over the phone. Let’s make sure our communities get the resources, infrastructure, and representation they need and deserve by counting everyone in our neighborhoods.


Respond Online at My2020Census.govFind out which Phone Number to Call

The Interfaith Census 2020 Count Coalition is committed to making sure that every New Yorker is counted in the 2020 Census.

Take the Faith Leader Pledge

“I pledge to be proactive with my congregation, to ensure full participation in the census and to encourage, to educate, and to ensure that every member of the community is counted. Together, we shape our future.”

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As a faith leader, you play a critical and trusted role in your neighborhood, creating a place of safety and security for your community while providing spiritual as well as practical guidance to those under your care. The 2020 census is an opportunity to help those in your community not only get their fair share of needed resources, services, and care, but help craft what the community will become over the next 10 years and beyond.

We’re a diverse collective of faith-leaders across the five boroughs who are committed to ensuring their congregants and community members are counted in the 2020 Census.

As a member of the coalition you will be equipped to act as trusted messengers who provide accurate census information to your congregants and community to decrease fear, shatter apathy, and inspire hope to ensure a better future for everyday New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds. Inspire hope and join the coalition today.

By pledging to be part of the 2020 interfaith census effort, you’ll…

  1. Be listed on the website
  2. Receive regular action alerts and updates
  3. Have access to additional interfaith outreach resources
  4. Get organizing support to help your congregation get counted

A Protestant Reflection on the Census

The Census is an opportunity for us to overcome the ways that our respective communities have been underrepresented.

A Buddhist Reflection on the Census

Each person is our teacher and hence worthy of respect… our community is healed naturally by and through our individual and collective compassion.

A Hindu Reflection on the Census

Without making our presence fully known within our extended communities, we may miss positive opportunities for meaningful discourse, collaboration, service, and cooperation.

A Sikh Reflection on the Census

We must stand up for our own dignity as well as the dignity of others. This is how our gurus lived their lives, and it’s how we aspire to live ours as well.

A Muslim Reflection on the Census

Census is an important action that is encouraged in Islamic Tradition.

A Catholic Reflection on the Census

In the name of justice, we believe that everyone must be included in the census count.

A Jewish Reflection on the Census

In Jewish terms, the act of counting residents is unambiguous: everyone matters.